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Watch Recovery & Mobility 5. Recovery Breathing

Watch Recovery & Mobility 5. Recovery Breathing

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Recovery & Mobility 5. Recovery Breathing

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  • Recovery & Mobility 6. Sunrise Yoga

    Nature is fantastic. If you can, get outside, get moving and get some fresh air.
    Focus on your breath and trust that these exercises will help develop your mobility and help you become a better athlete.

  • Recovery & Mobility 7. Barefoot Mobility

    Working barefoot is fantastic for your body. Go barefoot as much as you can!
    There are some great exercises in this video but as always, know your body and know the difference between pain and discomfort - do not do anything that is painful.

  • Recovery & Mobility 8. Recovery Routine

    An off day doesn't have to mean no work. Recovery routines are great to add to your off days. Sleep, nutrition, and recovery exercises are the 3 key factors for recovery after a workout or game. If you can perform this routine barefoot, great!