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Training Exercises To Prepare You For College

Villanova Director of Sports Performance, Kevin Miller, provides exercises and workouts specific to soccer. These are the same workouts performed by D1 players at Villanova. These exercises will help you to prepare for the next step in your soccer journey.

College Soccer Decision Making

Former Villanova Captain, Luca Mellor, walks you through the key factors you need to consider when thinking about college soccer.

Junior Soccer Drills

Ball drills and exercises to improve technique and develop ball skills. Ideal for junior players.

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    Access to the entire site including the entire video library.
    Includes all Junior Soccer videos and all College Preparation Videos.

  • Junior Soccer Video Library

    32 videos

    This package contains all the video series on this website for junior soccer:
    Junior Ball Skills - Fundamentals
    Junior Ball Skills - Moves To Use In A Game
    Junior Ball Skills - Improve Your First Touch
    These videos contain technical exercises that players of all skill levels can work on. Recommen...

  • Junior Ball Skills - Improve Your First Touch

    11 videos

    Former Villanova Men's Soccer Captain, Luca Mellor takes you through 11 fun exercises that will help you improve your first touch.

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