Junior Soccer Video Library

Junior Soccer Video Library

This package contains all the video series on this website for junior soccer:
Junior Ball Skills - Fundamentals
Junior Ball Skills - Moves To Use In A Game
Junior Ball Skills - Improve Your First Touch
These videos contain technical exercises that players of all skill levels can work on. Recommended for players aged 5-14.

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Junior Soccer Video Library
  • Intro to Ball Skills

    In this series, you will learn 11 ball work exercises. At the end of the series, there will be a drill that includes all 11 exercises! Each exercise has a number to help you keep track!

  • #1

    Make sure you get a feel for the ball between your feet. Challenge yourself to perform this exercise without looking straight down at the ball - this forces you to get a real feel for the ball with your feet.
    This will be the base exercise for this series so it is important to feel comfortable mo...

  • #2 (Windscreen wipers)

  • #5 (Stop Turn)

    Push the ball out in front of you and stop the ball with the sole of your foot. You want to be able to turn when you do this while remaining in control of the ball and your body. This is a basic turn that allows you to change direction with the ball.

  • #6 (Cruyff Turn)

    This is a similar turn to the previous exercise, except the objective is to turn with the ball with the inside of your foot.

  • #7 (Kluivert turn)

    Drag back with the sole of the foot and use the inside of your foot to push the ball behind your standing leg.

  • #9 (Drag Back Alternative)

    This exercise is similar to the previous drag back, however you will be dragging the ball onto the outside of your foot instead of the inside of your foot.

  • #10 (Outside Hook Turn)

  • #11 (Inside Hook Turn)

    Similar to the last turn, the inside hook turn focuses on turning with ball with the instep of the foot.

  • Ball Control Final Drill (All 11 exercises!)

    Follow along with this exercise and see if you can keep control of the ball. This drill uses all of the exercises that you have learnt in this series so far! You can perform this drill every day to improve your close ball control!

  • Ball Control - Skills to use in a game trailer

    This series will teach you some skills that you can use in a game to beat an opponent with the ball.

  • Skill 1 - Stanley Matthews (Big Toe - Little Toe)=

    This move, named after Stanley Matthews, is a great move to deceive an opponent while you are on the ball. For this move to be used effectively, drop your shoulder and exaggerate your movement to the side you are faking to go (the side you go when you touch the ball with your big toe), then push ...

  • Skill 2 - The Step Over

    This is a common skill soccer players use to deceive their opponents. With this skill, you are faking to take the ball with your foot and instead stepping over the ball with your foot and taking the ball in the opposite direction.

  • Skill 3 - The Double Step Over

    This is a progression from the step over skill. With this skill, you can deceive your opponent by stepping over the ball twice.

  • Skill 4 - The Elastico

    This is a difficult skill. There may only be a few times that you will have the opportunity to use this in a game but if you can, that's great!

  • Skill 5 - The Wall Pass

    This skill moves the ball from one side of your body to the other. This means you can change the direction of the ball just enough to get passed a defender.

  • Skill 6 - Step Over Turn

    This turn is different to the step over. This skill requires you to step over the ball in the opposite direction (with the inside of your foot first) and then take the ball in the opposite direction with your other foot.

  • First touch Series Trailer

  • First Touch - 1

    Use alternate feet!
    Every time you drop the ball, start again on the opposite foot.

  • First Touch - 2

    Start with the ball in your hands. Throw the ball roughly 10 feet above your head. As the ball comes down, try to control the ball with your foot so the ball lands gently at your feet. Use both feet and throw the ball even higher to challenger yourself!

  • First Touch - 4

    Find a wall you can pass against. Take a touch to control the ball then pass with the same foot. Use the inside of your foot.
    Perform 5 passes with your right foot then change and use 5 passes with your left foot.

  • First Touch - 5

    One touch passing against a wall. Keep control and use both feet!

  • First Touch - 6

    Control with the inside of your foot and pass with the outside of the same foot. Bring the ball across your body with your first touch. Stay in control of the ball.

  • First Touch - 7

    Keep control of the ball as you control the ball with one foot and pass with the opposite foot. Try to bring the ball across your body with your first touch.

  • First Touch - 8

    Control with the outside of your foot, then pass with the inside of your foot. Use both feet. Keep control of the ball.

  • First Touch - 9

    This first touch uses a skill from a previous video series. The touch uses the inside of your foot then the outside of your foot (big toe then little toe)

  • First Touch - 10

    This drill also uses a skill that was demonstrated in a previous series. This turn is called the Cruyff turn.

  • First Touch - 11

    After 4 wall passes, let the ball run through your legs and turn with the foot you started with. Repeat and change the foot you turn with.