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    This package contains all the video series on this website for junior soccer:
    Junior Ball Skills - Fundamentals
    Junior Ball Skills - Moves To Use In A Game
    Junior Ball Skills - Improve Your First Touch
    These videos contain technical exercises that players of all skill levels can work on. Recommen...

  • Junior Ball Skills - Improve Your First Touch

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    Former Villanova Men's Soccer Captain, Luca Mellor takes you through 11 fun exercises that will help you improve your first touch.

  • Junior Ball Skills - Fundamentals

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    Former Villanova Men's Soccer Captain, Luca Mellor, teaches fundamental ball skills in this video series.

  • Junior Ball Skills - Moves To Use In A Game

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    This series teaches you some skill moves that are effective to use in game situations.

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    Access to all performance packages + College Decision Making Series. Develop a full workout program specific to soccer that will prepare you for the college level.
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    Foundation Program
    Preparation Program
    Speed Training
    Strength Training

  • College Performance Package 1. Foundation Program

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    This video series, run by Director of Sports Performance at Villanova, Kevin Miller, walks you through some fundamental exercises that will serve as the foundation for your training program.

  • College Performance Package 2. Preparation Program

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    Master the art of the warm-up. Preparation is key for a successful training program. In this package, learn the fundamental elements of the warm-up routine including soccer specific exercises that will leave you ready to train at your best.

  • College Performance Package 3. Speed Training

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    Exercises to improve your speed training from director of sports performance, Kevin Miller.

  • College Performance Package 4. Strength Training

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    Strength training is a vital component of any soccer training program - regardless of a player's position on the field. This package includes soccer specific workouts that will develop your strength training and will provide an insight into the tips and tricks that collegiate athletes use to buil...

  • College Performance Package 5. Recovery & Mobility

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    Recovery should not be overlooked. It should actively be a part of any training program. In this video series, director of sports performance at Villanova, Kevin Miller, will provide recovery exercises and routines that you can add to your training program. These routines can be performed on your...

  • College Decision Making

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    Former Villanova Captain, Luca Mellor, gives advice to anyone considering college soccer.