College Performance Package 1. Foundation Program

College Performance Package 1. Foundation Program

This video series, run by Director of Sports Performance at Villanova, Kevin Miller, walks you through some fundamental exercises that will serve as the foundation for your training program.

College Performance Package 1. Foundation Program
  • Foundation 1. Exercises for Posture

    Good posture is extremely important for all athletes. Soccer players are constantly pushing their body by changing direction, accelerating, and decelerating. Poor posture can result in injuries and poor technique. Pay attention to these exercises and improve your posture.

  • Foundation 2. Basic Movements to Master

    Here, you will learn the correct technique for the push up, the body weight squat, the single leg lunge, and the squat jump. These are key exercises that, if performed correctly and consistently, will help you become a stronger athlete. These exercises will be involved very often in your training...

  • Foundation 3. Exercises to do Every Single Day

    Make sure you develop your technique for these exercises.
    Every day these exercises can be included or added on to any training that you have:
    2 x 10 Single Leg Reach
    3 x 10 Push ups
    3 x 5 Single Led Side Lunge

  • Foundation 4. How to Breathe When Training

    Breathing is not complicated but is often overlooked when it comes to training. The importance breathing has on performance and recovery should not be understated. Be mindful of your breathing while you train - it will make you a better athlete.

  • Foundation 5. How Long Can You Exhale

    The longer you can exhale, the more your body will be able to tolerate carbon dioxide. This is critical to sports performance but also has huge health benefits.
    Perform this exercise after a workout and it will double as a cool down recovery exercise.

  • Foundation 6. Learn to Push Yourself

    Your body is capable of more than your brain gives credit for. Always be smart when you are training but know that you will, more often than not, be able to perform one more rep or one more run than you think you can. Be smart but be willing to push yourself.

  • Foundation 7. Lifestyle

    1. Sleeping Pattern - Go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. The health benefits to this practice are substantial.
    2. Nutrition - Eat the healthiest food you can afford. This might be difficult if you are not in charge of your groceries, but do what y...