College Performance Package 2. Preparation Program

College Performance Package 2. Preparation Program

Master the art of the warm-up. Preparation is key for a successful training program. In this package, learn the fundamental elements of the warm-up routine including soccer specific exercises that will leave you ready to train at your best.

College Performance Package 2. Preparation Program
  • Preparation 1. Minute Warm Up

    Warming up before working out is vital. However, you don't always need to spend ages on your warm up. This video shows you a warm up that only takes a few minutes to execute. Don't begin your workout if you feel like you need to continue stretching or warming up - you know your body better than a...

  • Preparation 2. QL & IT Band Stretch

    The QL (quadratus lumborum) and IT band are muscles that stabilize your hip. They are difficult muscles to stretch but this exercise should help you target them.

  • Preparation 3. Another Short Warm Up

    Always listen to your body. If you need to take more time warming up to prepare for a workout, don't hesitate. Avoid rushing into exercise without a warm up. This particular warm up is great if you only have a couple of minutes before your training session begins. It's short and hits the major mu...

  • Preparation 4. Band Stretching Routine

    These stretching exercises will prepare your hamstrings, groins, hip flexors, and quads for a tough workout. This entire routine only takes a couple of minutes and will help decrease the risk of injury from overstretching. Your leg muscles are absolutely crucial to soccer therefore significant ef...

  • Preparation 5. Running Warm Up

    This short routine is fantastic to do before a running workout.This is more extensive than the previous workout videos and will prepare you for more vigorous exercise.
    Begin by focusing on your breath (more videos available on breath work).
    This warm up will also work on the psoas muscle (Here's ...

  • Preparation 6. 5 Minute Warm Up

    More warm up exercises to add to your warm up routine. It's great to keep modifying your warm up - mostly to keep it interesting and engaging. Otherwise you run the risk of your warm up becoming mundane and boring. If this happens, it becomes easy to simply go through the motions of a warm up. Th...

  • Preparation 7. Reset Warm Up

    This is a super quick, super easy routine that you can perform when you wake up, before a workout, or before bed.
    Combine these exercises with other warm up routines from this series.
    Listen to your body and don't do any exercise that cause pain. Know the difference between pain and discomfort.