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Watch Recovery & Mobility 2. Hip Mobility

Watch Recovery & Mobility 2. Hip Mobility

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Recovery & Mobility 2. Hip Mobility

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  • Recovery & Mobility 3. How to Foam Roll

    While a foam roller will never replace the work of a manual therapist, it certainly has benefits that far outweigh the time it takes to roll out.
    Foam rolling should not be painful. Watch this video to learn the basics of foam rolling to help maximize your recovery.

  • Recovery & Mobility 4. More Yoga and ...

    Focus on your breath.
    Yoga might be frustrating but trust that the exercises you perform will make you a better athlete and will significantly reduce the risk of injury on the field.

  • Recovery & Mobility 5. Recovery Breat...

    The breath is one of the most important tools for recovery. If you are stressed, you will often take short, sharp breaths. This is no good for your body and is certainly no good for athletes. Take some time every day to relax and focus on your breath (even if just for 30 seconds).
    As a student at...